Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sound Recorder

So this is my last backend update. I'm finished with everything I think I need (which is never really all, but is probably close, anyway). I'm planning to spend the rest of this week on code cleanup, and then move on to frontend code on Monday. This is a week ahead of schedule, sort of: I moved a few backend tasks (like renaming files, because it's helpful to be able to choose a file via a gui to test renaming) to later in my schedule. So next week I plan to start with the listview/listbox frontend. I'm going to be using some nice new Gtk widgets, like Gtk.Overlay, Gtk.Listbox, and friends, so it should be fun :)

Last week was a short week because of the 4th of July Holiday, so I just read Vogue Paris instead of code:
and Stereolab :)

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  1. nice to read that you have a lot of progress achieved:-)