Friday, July 19, 2013

Sound Recorder, Update Five

Since it's been a week since I blogged here is my reluctantly-written update... Somehow blogging once a week about coding feels like microblogging. I spent last week as I intended, in cleaning up my code, fixing bugs, etc. I think I fixed all the bugs I knew about, so that's good. I'm sure plenty more will show up now that I'm writing the UI, since the functions will be called in different orders and threads will probably start canceling each other out or something. I don't know. It should be exciting for me, yet very boring for you to read about :)

Anyway, Reda Lazri says that he will give me some feedback on the UI as we go along, so I will post some screenshots as soon as we have something presentable. Now that I am working on Gtk code, I also need to refer less to other people's code. This week I've been working on the listview: I have it puling all the info I need from the files and displaying it in a Gtk.ListBox. Honestly I wrote the listview using a Gtk.ListBox because some older mockups had the play button in the listview, but a couple days ago Reda redesigned it so that there is a menu with text for play/edit/delete:
Honestly I think a Gtk.TreeView would be just as good for this, so I might re-write it.

Other than coding, I have been spending the week getting ready for GUADEC. I'm going to be giving a talk there on the monthly GNOME-related gatherings that Jim Campbell and I have been organizing at our local hackerspace, and I'm also giving a lightning talk on my GSoC project.
Thanks to the GNOME Foundation for the travel sponsorship! See you all at GUADEC :)


  1. Could you release it as preview application in Gnome 3.10?

    BTW, great work :-)

  2. Thanks! No, this won't be in 3.10, it's well past the date for feature proposals. Hopefully 3.12.