Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Support MediaGoblin :)

GNU MediaGoblin just  launched a crowdfunding campaign!  The Free Software Foundation is providing MediaGoblin with the infrastructure to run the campaign --so rather than donating through a for-profit with a proprietary backend like Kickstarter, you can use the FSF's free software backed tools.
MediaGoblin provides a free, decentralized media publishing service. Chris Webber's vision is that it will be used like WordPress is used for blogging: many people run their own instances and many more will use the hosted service. Why should you donate? The friendly MediaGoblin developers put together an awesome video explaining why the project is so important both to free culture and to us as users (it is posted on the site that I link to above -- I especially like the star wars-ish space laser that obliterates kitten videos :) Why do I think you should donate? In today's climate copyright holders have more and more control over what content we can post on the web, and how that content is consumed. Having compelling, easy-to-use, beautiful free software benefits us a community as well as each of us as end users. Maintaining ownership over our own content is becoming difficult. The MediGoblin project lets us share our personal and professional media with our friends, families, and community. When we use it we are able to share and still maintain our power to modify, disseminate, and own our content. We can use it and therefore avoid automated and fallacious takedowns by media companies and governments. We are able to use the web the way it should be used: to speak freely about the issues that concern us, to express ourselves, and to communicate with people who matter to us...So donate early and often :)

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  1. I really hope that one day it's going to be as easy as wordpress to set up!