Sunday, August 19, 2012

GSoC Final report


Tomorrow is firm pencils down, so here is my update:

Last week my properties dialog was added to Documents. It's in master now, so if please test it! If you have any suggestions for improvement, please file a bug.

My work on sharing Google Docs ran into several snags and is not finished. First, I was unable to use Gnome Online Accounts for authentication for Google Drive. Because there is not much documentation for using oauth2 for Gmail, Evolution uses oauth1. Google Drive only has support for oauth2. After realizing this, I moved on to writing a different dialog for sharing using the GData API and gtk. This has been slow going for me. Although GData is very well documented, I have had a hard time understanding it and have therefore not finished. The gtk code is finished. Hopefully I will finish this up soon. I learned a tremendous amount about GNOME and about coding in general, and the experience was really great. My mentor did an awesome job of working with me even though I am a very inexperienced coder. I am starting my Masters degree in Computer Science next week (my BFA is in painting in painting and drawing), so I hope that I will learn more skills and become a more valuable contributor. Thanks to everyone in the community who helped and encouraged me this summer, it's always a fun and humbling experience :)

Chicago Free Software Stuff

I'm going to be doing a short talk on GNOME Love at Software Freedom Day in Chicago on September 15. Brian Cameron is going to be leading a GNOME hackfest that day. Jim Campbell suggested that we start a monthly hack night in Chicago, so this will be our first meeting. Chris Webber  named it Gnome Gnights, so if you see our tag somewhere, you'll know it's us :) (edit: I just got an email from Chris that says that the credit for this pun actually goes to Jim :)The hackfest at Software Freedom day will be our first meeting, so if you are interested in GNOME hacking and you are in Chicago, please come by!


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