Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sound Recorder Update 9

I'm finished with the first complete iteration of the Sound Recorder.
You can watch a video of it on YouTube. There is no sound in the screencast since it was done with GNOME's screencast tool, which is actually a good thing because you really don't want to hear a recording of my ThinkPad fan. It's unpleasant.

The next few days I'll be testing it out and fixing bugs, so I'll post one more update before the end of GSoC \o/

Happy hacking :)


  1. Great work \o/, and where can I find its source code?:-)

  2. Thanks :) The source code is here:

  3. Somebody said this on the youtube channel, but you should have the record button, and the stop button be the same!

  4. Nice :)

    Might be worth seeing what it looks like if the wave starts on the left, only scrolling once it gets to the right.