Monday, June 25, 2012

GSoC Report #3: Documents Properties Dialog
I finished my first GSoC task, the new Properties Dialog for Documents. This is a first iteration based on a design by Jon McCann for the Nautilus properties menu. You may notice that I have not included some of the features of the design, such as the top bar :) Because these features are going to be implemented in Mutter in the future, I did not write code to mimic them with the current GTK.

The dialog displays Title, Author, Location, Source, Date Modified, Date Created, and Source. The Title metadata is editable for local documents, but not for remote documents. Likewise, Source displays a directory address for local documents, and otherwise displays the name of the remote location.

Currently, the edited title is written back to the database as the user types.

This coming week I plan to clean up the code a bit and start on my second task, which is writing a dialog which allows users to share documents via Google Docs, email clients, and (hopefully) SkyDrive.

I am hoping to complete the Sharing dialog before GUADEC so I can get feedback and spend the last month of my GSoC refining the implementation.


  1. Will there be a right-click contextmenu too? Because on my big monitor, I don't want to permanently move my mouse down to just edit properties. And think of all the users using vertically oriented monitors!

  2. iirc right click currently brings up the multiselect toolbar, so I didn't use it for the menu. The question of how to bring up the menu is something I plan to work on @ the UX hackfest, though, hopefully that will see improvements :)