Saturday, May 26, 2012

Documents GSoC Week One

I started off week one of GSoC with a bad flu :( so I spent Monday coding and sleeping and trying to design and sleeping. By Wednesday I was pretty much better and got some good feedback on the design stuff from Allan Day and Jon McCann. I was behind on coding, so I spent the last few days trying to play catch-up, so I haven't touched the designs yet. I've been focusing on trying to add some basic functionality -- showing sharing information from Google docs in the listview, adding a properties button to the multi-select toolbar, popping up a basic menu. My code and designs (such as they are) are on Github . This is the first time I've pushed work to a remote branch, so that was another exciting thing I learned this week:) Next week I plan to make some changes to the designs, and, hopefully helped by my lack of flu and week of actual coding experience, to...well, hopefully I'll get a lot of work done :)

Wednesday I got to give a lightning talk on my project at Google's Chicago office. The audience was made up of student members of the ACM. When I first arrived I thought that there were quite a lot of students accepted to GSoC in Chicago (there were around 100 students in attendance). The talk was a lot of fun to give, and I got a lot of enthusiastic questions about Documents, GNOME 3, and Womens Outreach.

Last weekend Jim Campbell and I were asked by Chris Webber of Creative Commons to represent GNOME at a FLOSS activists dinner here in Chicago. Because the OSI board was in town for their annual meeting, they also joined in. Chicago's FLOSS community seems pretty small (although I am new and haven't met everyone yet, -- there were around twenty of us at the dinner and maybe half were from out of town), so it was great to meet up and discuss Free and Open Source software and culture in person. I'm really pleased to be getting more involved in the community here at home.

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