Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Things GNOME

I haven't blogged in a long time,so I thought I would post about what I've been doing...
I spent a lot of time in the last few months working on integrating my High Contrast work into the Symbolic Theme. Jakub Steiner and Lapo Calamandrei have been very generous with their time and expertise --giving me technical pointers, critiquing my work, editing, and adding new icons to the set. I was looking at the Gnome-Themes-Standard git on, and it looks like Cosimo Cecchi wrote his build-time hack for High Contrast (I get most of my information about GNOME by reading git commits and Bugzilla, so...). The base set for the High Contrast and High Contrast Inverse Themes will still be short some icons, but what we have in 3.4 will be a big improvement :)
My membership application was accepted by the GNOME Foundation a couple weeks ago. The inestimable Marina Zhurakhinskaya sent an email encouraging GOPW interns and past GSoC women to apply, and I was happy to see that a number of us did.
Marina also asked a few of us to help out with a comic that explains the GOPW application process in a simple way. It was fun to work on a project with other women --a rare experience in GNOME! It was also great to meet Christy and Tamara, and to touch base with Liansu again.
My abstract for the talk I'm giving at Flourish! was accepted yesterday. I'm going to be presenting GNOME 3 and talking about ways for students to contribute. I'm looking forward to meeting more members of the Chicago FLOSS community. This is going to be the first public talk I've ever done, so I guess it's good that I minored in performance art in college. (I did minor in performance art, but that is a joke:)
**I just got an email saying that my talk is scheduled for 1 P.M. on Saturday, March 31 at Flourish! in Illinois A of Student Center East. Directions here: Please come! It will be nice to meet everyone :)

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