Thursday, July 21, 2011

Womens Outreach Internship Update

I have spent the past few weeks editing the images I already have, as well as trying to make new icons with a more unified style. Editing is a little challenging. Because I made many of the icons from collaged bits of other icons, I sometimes feel like I'm playing a game of Tango Exquisite Corpse. Lapo was quite critical of the icons I posted last time, and gave me some pointers and a few examples to work from. Seeing as how I was unclear on some basic concepts, like snapping pixels, the criticism was very helpful.

Some new icons

The other aspect of the project I have been working on is integrating the Symbolic Icon set into High Contrast. Jimmac mentioned this possibility when I began my project, and Joseph Scheuhammer has asked an occupational therapist who works with him to look at the icons and give feedback about their accessibility for low vision users.

I ruined my Ubuntu operating system last Friday while trying install the GNOME 3 ppa on my ancient Dell. I had a hell of a weekend trying to recover my data, and tried very hard not to make puns about crash courses in file systems. I ended up using a Fedora 15 live iso (and someone else's computer) to take the following screenshots, which I edited in Inkscape.

So the current idea, if approved by the occupational therapist, is to mix Symbolic and High Contrast (as seen above). This would automatically provide (much) better coverage for users, and allow them to set the colors of the newly integrated icons according to their needs. Needless to say, the project is inching forward, and I hope to have more and better progress to report in the near future.

Thank you to everyone for your support and feedback.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your Gnome 3 troubles on Ubuntu. The PPA was an experimental solution and marked as such. Gnome Shell 3.1.3 is basically usable in the Ubuntu 11.10 alpha. Ubuntu 11.10 will be shipping with Gnome 3.2 (although with the Unity shell by default).

  2. Hi,jbicha. Thanks for your sympathy...It seemed like the main problem with my install was that my chipset was too old - it is an Intel 865G chipset. I'm not sure if the ppa has fallback mode included, but for whatever reason, the fallback mode did not work, so I was left with a "system failed log in again" message. I suspect it would have been fine if I had newer hardware :) The only criticism I have is that it would be good to let users know that they should check their chipsets before attempting the install, in case the fallback mode does not work :)

  3. Hi Meg

    I also had a little problem while I was trying to install Gnome 3 on my Ubuntu, but the problem started when I upgraded to Ubuntu 11.4 and the my system crashed, But all my data was still intact. Hope you come right in retrieving everything :)

  4. Hi Priscilla,

    I'm glad that your data was fine! I only ended up losing one or two files, luckily, but it drove me crazy :) I have such an old computer with so much data, it gets expensive to back up everything!